*How do I save my eBook(s) on my iPhone or iPad?

You can save your PDF eBooks to iBooks. Here's how. :)

Please note: our Real Food Kids eBook comes as a ZIP file bundled together with the printables and worksheets. Please contact us to give you a non-ZIP file that you can download on your iPad/iPhone. Please note that you'll have to use a desktop computer to open up the printables/worksheets. For all our other eBooks, follow the instructions below.

1.  Log in to the member area (you don't have to be a member to purchase or download an eBook).

2. Tap/click on "eBooks" in the navigation bar.

3. Tap/Click "Download" under your eBook's color image. (If your eBook is not shown in color and you think it should be, log out and then log in again to refresh your account. The logout link is at the top of the page; scroll up to reveal it.)

4. On the designated download page for your eBook, tap/click to expand the "Click to download" eBook section.

5. Tap/click the download link. The eBook will open in Safari or in the browser you're using. You can read it right there. If you wish to save it to iBooks or another application, go to step 6.

6. Tap/click the Share icon (the box with the arrow pointing up), then tap/click "Copy to iBooks". Or, tap/click the icon for another application (that supports PDFs) to send it there instead.

Please note: In older versions of iOS, this process may be slightly different.

Let us know if you have any questions. :)

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