*What's the difference between eBooks & Membership?

This is a great question! We have 15+ eCourses in Traditional Cooking that you can go through in whatever format works best for you! With people who prefer videos to reading (or reading to videos) or those who are on limited internet... 

...we're sure that from among our eBook and video packages (also in print!) ALL-ACCESS premium membership you'll find the perfect format that works for YOU to master one or more topics in Traditional Cooking. :)

The table below lists out what you get in each type of purchase. Please let us know if you have additional questions!

eBOOKS & Video Pkgs
$67 to $99 each
Eat God's Way Bible-based cooking program
MEMBERSHIP $22/week, $77/month, $199/quarter or $597/year 
recurring, cancel any time
more eBook info here more Member info here
downloadable PDF eBook 
for a single topic in 
Traditional Cooking
downloadable PDFs for 
each lesson in each of 
15+ eCourses (hundreds!)
3-6 Masterclass streaming videos 
(NOT the full set of course videos)
ALL the streaming videos 
& audios from ALL the 
15+ eCourses (hundreds!)
*upon sign-up, get access to 2 courses,
the rest unlocked after 10 weeks
bonus eBooklet on a related topic complimentary access to all group
Challenges and Masterclasses
*print book added free
for a limited time! 
weekly Traditional Food 
menu plans
monthly bonus for 
active members 
(a bonus eBooklet)
monthly Roundtable 
meeting for member
makeovers and giveaways 
weekly Office Hours
to ask your questions
about any lesson or
any course plus private group support
40% OFF discount 
on eBook packages

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