*Am I a member?

"Am I a premium member of Traditional Cooking School?" might be your question. It's a fair one. :)

Certainly you can participate in the TCS family at multiple levels, both free and paid! We welcome all at whatever level you prefer!

So you can figure out where you fall (or want to fall!) on the spectrum, here's what we currently offer: 

  • FREE — email and blog subscriber, Gab follower, attend #AskWardee podcast live or replays, got one of our freebies, or took our free traditional cooking video series aka the free mini membership, etc.

    ^^^ Basically everything that's free on our site.

  • PAID Ala Carte (one time purchases) — you purchase an eBook Package or Print Textbook Package — The eBook packages contain the PDFs from one of our online classes that are compiled into a single download... plus you get a few sample videos from the corresponding online class. The textbook packages contain the print textbook as well as the digital version of an eBook. 

  • PAID Member (recurring subscription) premium members of Traditional Cooking School have access to all our 14+ online eCourses 24/7, all the videos and all the PDFs from all the eCourses... plus more besides, like complimentary Accountability Challenges, private group (on our own website, not social media), weekly Office Hours calls, gifts and weekly menu plans and more.

    ^^^ You would know that you are a member because of the recurring payment that gives you 24/7 access to all the benefits of membership (email us to be sure, if you'd like).

And of course... if you are a member, you can still own/purchase eBook, print book or eCourse packages and subscribe to emails and read the blog and watch/listen to the weekly #AskWardee podcast. And vice versa... :-)

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