*If I cancel my membership, what do I lose access to?

When you're a premium member of Traditional Cooking School, you're getting a lot! So we hope you stay on. :)

Here's how it works:

Classes, Lessons, Roundtable Meetings, Private Group, and Members-Only Activities

When you're an active* premium member of Traditional Cooking School, you get access to the private member website and all the classes and lessons and activities we offer. You also get access to our private support group. If you cancel your membership, you will lose access to the online site and newly added or updated lessons or classes, as well as access to the support group. Basically, membership gives you access for the time period you're active and if you're not active, the access expires*.

*Exception: if you are an original Fundamentals eCourse member from February 2010, that class and its lessons are available to you with or without an active membership.

Member Activity Points and Member Reward Credits

When you're an active premium member, you earn points and reward credits (redeemable to unlock bonuses in the TCS Gift Shop) through all your TCS activities... renewal payments, posting/replying in private group, completing lessons/courses/quizzes, and more. If you cancel your membership, your points and rewards will be *immediately* reset to zero and you will no longer be able to accrue them and/or spend them in the TCS Gift Shop.

PDFs, audio files, and videos

As an active member, you can download any currently available print or audio files, and therefore you will be able to access them on your computer if you cancel your membership. It is your responsibility to backup your downloaded files as you will not be able to get fresh copies without an active membership.

Please note: videos cannot be downloaded and to do so violates our terms of service.

Thank-You Videos, Bonuses, and eBooks

Additionally, if you received or purchased any thank-you videos, bonus eBooklets, or eBooks, you can access those online with or without an active membership. These are forever purchases or gifts without time frames.

Want to come back?

If you're a previous member and are ready to restore your access, here's the order form: 

And here's more info about how membership works and what all you get. :) 

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