*Can I purchase an eCourse as a gift for someone else?

How nice of you! You can definitely order an eCourse (or several) for a loved one. 

Complete the order using your information (your name, your email, your billing info). 

Once you have completed the order, reply to the email receipt (or email wardee@traditionalcookingschool.com) letting us know the order was a gift. Then provide this information about your recipient:

  • recipient's first and last name
  • recipient's email address (to deliver the eCourse online)
  • recipient's mailing address (so we can send a welcome card in the mail) 
  • which product(s) you are gifting them (in case you ordered multiple and are keeping some for yourself)

If you ordered a membership as a gift, please include the duration of the gift letting us know when you wish it to end. 

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