*I'm diabetic or insulin resistant... will your program work for me?

Although we can't give medical advice and your experience may vary, our program helps in at least three ways:

1) We teach the proper preparation of all food groups for best nutrition and digestion. This means certain traditional methods may reduce starch content of foods and therefore might be added in to a healthy diet. You can use this info and apply it to your favorite dishes (or ask us for help in adapting your favorites).
2) We teach and believe that a person doesn't need to remove all carbohydrates from the diet. Instead, they should be reduced, be whole grain (slow digestion), and/or be consumed with the *right* fats to reduce their impact on blood sugar levels.
and 3) We know that a healthy lifestyle with movement and exercise can help to reduce blood sugar levels. We highly recommend our students increase movement and/or even go for a short walk after each meal to balance blood sugar.
We'd love to work with you!

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