*Where can I ask my questions?

We love your questions and do our best to create helpful channels for you to ask them and get them answered! Please understand that we give priority to premium members of Traditional Cooking School.  

Here's where to go:

Premium Members

  • Visit your private, exclusive members-only support group for quick support and encouragement with all your Traditional Cooking questions or issues!
  • Once per week, Wardee and Hollie (TCS community manager) host Office Hours to answer your question about any lesson or any course, or even anything to do with healthy living. Join us!
  • Once per month, Wardee hosts a members-only Roundtable Meeting just for the members! Send in your question(s) via email and we'll collect them for the next meeting. Use the contact form on this page; make sure to specify that your question is for the next member meeting.


  • Submit your Traditional Cooking questions to AskWardee.tv and it will go in the queue for her to answer as soon as she can. Here are instructions for submitting your question(s).
  • If your question has to do with a blog article, post your question in the comments and hopefully someone in the TCS community or the article author will be able to answer.

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