Are the daily tasks on video? If so, are they pre-recorded or live?

Great question! Every task day of the Challenge, in the morning, we'll release pre-recorded videos that you can watch any time that day — or whenever you are working on your tasks. We also release a downloadable PDF each morning that provides the tasks, background information, and additional information in written, printable format. :)

Keep in mind that you'll be able to earn points (toward the prize drawings) for completing tasks through midnight on Day 14, so it's best to do as much of the Challenge by then as you can.

Yet, we will leave the videos up for you for a full month after the Challenge ends. So if you're going out of town or have busy days, you can still watch/do the tasks as your schedule allows!

Finally, on "Day 15", we host a (bonus) LIVE Graduation Day Training where we share additional information about Instant Pot pressure cooking and do the drawings for the prize drawings. It's best and more fun to attend this live, but we will record it (Lord willing) so you can watch it later, too!

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