What kind of things will I learn in the Sourdough 14-Day Challenge?

In the challenge, I'll walk you through simple and healthy sourdough tasks each day, one day at a time, so that by the end of the 14 days, you'll have created your own sourdough starter and 5 delicious and healthy sourdough recipes!

Specifically, you'll discover:
  • how God's design for natural food leavening works... aka "the science of sourdough baking" 
  • the simple tools you need to do sourdough... nothing fancy, just Mason jars, whole foods, and a few common kitchen items!
  • how to make your very own sourdough starter from scratch... the easy way and only requiring two ingredients: flour and water!
  • create these 5 delicious and yummy sourdough baked goods, one day at a time: English muffins, crackers, pancakes or waffles, cakes, and pizza!
  • how to adapt recipes easily based on if you grind your flour fresh, if you use an ancient grain like spelt or einkorn, and even for a more humid or drier climate
  • how to make sourdough recipes "not so sour"
  • and more!
I promise that by the end of the challenge, you will:
  • feel confident in your ability to care for a thriving sourdough starter
  • marvel at how your children and spouse actually enjoy the sourdough baked goods you serve them
  • improve your digestion by using sourdough to make your flours and baked goods more nutritious
  • and fall in love with sourdough baking!

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