What do you mean by "guided" and "live"?

The main idea behind this course being both guided and live is so you don't cook alone! You'll be cooking along with like-minded families all over the world!

3 parts to this...

1. Private group... In our private group (private to our own site, not social media), you'll be posting homework and questions... it's available 24/7 and lots of fun to go through a course together with like-minded families around the world!

2. Coaching calls... Every Monday, I'll host coaching calls to recognize those who are completing lessons and to answer your questions what about you're learning.

3. Accountability... Members of our Bible-based cooking program get 24/7 access to all our courses (currently 14)... yet only 10% actually go through the courses if left to themselves. Yet, we've learned that if we "assign" tasks and provide incentives/rewards such as prizes and recognition, 40% to 50% of our students will complete a course! So... during the 12-weeks, we'll "assign" you lessons twice weekly... it's all about YOU SUCCEEDING! 🙂

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