How does it work?

We're going through our online (new) Fundamentals eCourse together, week-by-week over 12 weeks (Jan through Mar 2021).

Every Tuesday and Friday, we'll assign you a lesson.

  • If it's on Tuesday, complete the lesson between Tuesday and Thursday.
  • If it's on Friday, complete the lesson between Friday and Sunday.

(but you can always go at your own pace, this is just our suggested pace so you can keep up)

Every Monday, I'll host a Zoom coaching call where I'll recognize those who are completing lessons, plus I'll take your questions about the lessons released prior to the call.

In the middle of the 12 weeks, we'll have an "off" week to catch-up. At the end, before Graduation, you'll get another "off" week to catch-up.

Click here to download the full schedule so you can see the pace we'll be keeping and when everything's happening/assigned.

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