What is the "Traditional Healthy Cooking 101" Live Online Masterclass?

In 12-weeks, we're hosting a guided online live masterclass going through our new Fundamentals (of Traditional Cooking) eCourse.

This course has 19 lessons covering ALL the basics of healthy cooking.

We go beyond homemade and we go beyond what other people call healthy, because we use TRADITIONAL methods such as soaking, sprouting, and fermenting that make food more NUTRITIOUS and DIGESTIBLE.

And not only that, the foods are delicious. You can still eat the cookies and cinnamon rolls, meat and potatoes, we just help you make them healthy.

In this course, we cover (and you'll learn!):

  • tools & equipment (essential and helpful - from my own kitchen! you'll see what I use)
  • shopping & pantry (what to buy, what to avoid, example pantry lists)
  • all the food groups, what to feature and what to avoid: fats, dairy, pastured meats, veggies, grains, beans, nuts/seeds, etc.
  • the best preparation methods to make each food group healthier (soaking, sprouting, fermenting, sourdough, etc.)
  • naturally sweetened desserts
  • nourishing beverages
  • and more!!!!

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